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Ingenious, multifunctional, modern, and customisable to suit your favourite birds.

breedR - Green


The access hole is a very important part of a nest box, because it needs to be big enough for the breeding bird, and small enough to keep out its enemies. The access hole of the BreedR may be the most ingenious thing about this nest box, since it is available in various sizes – 28, 35 and 40 mm. So aside from deciding on a colour for your BreedR, you can also decide what birds will be breeding in this ingenious nest box.

Did the chicks leave the nest? Then you can open the BreedR with one simple hand movement, and prepare it for your next breeding friend.

You can easily hang the BreedR in a tree or on the balcony with the included Velcro. It is available in five different colours.