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Our story starts in 1951, with a man and his deep-rooted passion for birds. A strong foundation. The family business was passed from father to son, and then the third generation took over. The love for birds remained.

These days, we add to the enjoyment of gardens, balconies and terraces. For people and for animals. With our close team, we are continuously working on new concepts, looking for the connection between humans, nature and good products. While we do this, we are kind to the earth, for example by using sustainable and environmentally friendly resources. And the price, we keep that kind as well.

Singing Friend stands for a mix of (multi) functionality, ease of use and quality, with an attention to detail in all aspects. All of our products are made for the convenience of our clients, for people’s enjoyment of their home and for the happiness of our singing friends. We build a bridge between design and nature, and stimulate the creation of new living environments for birds, by people. 

That is our passion.

Jeroen Mutsaers.


Attention + Sustainability + Uniqueness = Singing Friend 


In everything we do, we pay just that little bit of extra attention. Attention to detail, attention to (multi) functionality and attention to the high quality finish of our unique products. Most importantly, we pay attention to our customers. We are reliable, service-minded and always looking for long-term partnerships. Because attention has the most beautiful results, guarantees high quality and provides the best effects in the long-term.



Mother nature is our greatest gift. This respect for nature is in our DNA, and it shows in our products. There is a reason why sustainability is one of our most important values. We strive for fairness in the broadest sense of the word; from the use of sustainable resources to making our products and our selected manufacturers, to fair prices. 



‘Different’ is one of our characteristics. The products in our range and our designs are unique. We develop products that fit the latest trends, and are also timeless when it comes to the selection of materials and functionality. Collaboration is what defines us. We believe that is important to let every person reinforce the team with their own strengths. Together, practical, beautiful and above all unique.