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Yes, all of our products are UV protected.

The velcro straps can be found inside the packaging.

The feedR was especially made for smaller birds such as: Eurasian blue tits, great tits, sparrows, greenfinches etc.

Big birds can not sit on it because there is no perch outside from the feedR, the perch is integrated.

Plastic is definitely good. It is smooth on the inside, so young birds can not grip it with their nails. This way they cannot leave the nest until they are able to fly.

On the packaging you can find hanging instructions with height, direction etc. This can also be found on our site, as well as an explanation of the icons on the packaging.

Three different sizes of openings are included with the breedR: 28 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm. So you can choose which types of birds can access the breedR.

Because velcro is made of nylon you can pull it very tight without breaking it. However nylon does absorb some moisture so it is best to check the Velcro after two weeks. As is indicated on the packaging it is always best to place the products just above the ring of the drainpipe. So you will be sure it can not move.

Evie is very suitable for smaller types of birds. However, bigger birds can also eat from it. Do you want to prevent this? Then it is best to hang the Evie by using a string or piece of wire. Evie will swing a bit and bigger birds do not like this.

MultifeedR is a feeder with two silos included. The silo with the bigger openings is used for bird fat balls, the silo with the smaller openings is used for sunflower seeds and peanuts. We advise you not to use peanuts from the start of the breeding season. Younger birds could choke on these.

Lisa can be easily and quickly hung on a branch or a hook when you are using the strap.

Max only attracts small birds. Because Max moves and has very small openings it is impossible for bigger birds to eat from Max.

Yes. Lisa is made from frost-resistant ceramics.

Max can be easily refilled. You screw open the bottom and leave the rest hanging. Refill with food and in a single move you can screw the bottom back onto the top.