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An especially developed machine will separate the 3 raw materials: paper, aluminium and synthetic materials (foil). Each of these raw materials can be used to create something new.

Yes, all of our products are UV protected.

The velcro straps can be found inside the packaging.

Plastic is definitely good. It is smooth on the inside, so young birds can not grip it with their nails. This way they cannot leave the nest until they are able to fly.

On the packaging you can find hanging instructions with height, direction etc. This can also be found on our site, as well as an explanation of the icons on the packaging.

Because velcro is made of nylon you can pull it very tight without breaking it. However nylon does absorb some moisture so it is best to check the Velcro after two weeks. As is indicated on the packaging it is always best to place the products just above the ring of the drainpipe. So you will be sure it can not move.

Evie is very suitable for smaller types of birds. However, bigger birds can also eat from it. Do you want to prevent this? Then it is best to hang the Evie by using a string or piece of wire. Evie will swing a bit and bigger birds do not like this.

Lisa can be easily and quickly hung on a branch or a hook when you are using the strap.

In order to fill Tara, you have to take off the cap. If you have the version with a bottle, fill the bottle with food and place the dispenser over the bottle before closing it again. If you’re still not sure, please check Unboxing Tara - the recycled wild bird feeder.

You can adjust the openings of the Breedr yourself, so that blue tits, great tits or sparrows can enter. Nina is suitable for blue tits and great tits.

On our YouTube channel, you will find tutorials for all of our products, including Sam Unboxing Sam

Honestly, we thought the same thing a few years ago. Now that more and more versions are being made and the birds are getting more used to it, this is no longer a problem. We have extensively tested both versions for 2 years, without any negative experiences.